Bullet proof collagen coffee

Coconut oil in my coffee …… yuck I have seen bullet proof coffee flashing about all over my social media for a while now. I looked it up and have to say the thought of it really put me off. Well then I saw a recipe on Lizzy Kings website I tried it and

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Exercise is for everyone

I spent most of my twenties avoiding exercise. I only joined the university netball term (the third team) because it meant I got invited out to the sports night drinks, the biggest event of the week. I was training to be a doctor and paying lip service to the benefits of exercise but not actually

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Healthier low-sugar apple crumble 

I love the smell of this cooking, it diffuses the whole house with cinnamon and nutmeg. To me it is autumn in a bowl. To make this a healthier low-sugar version of traditional apple crumble I have to used naturally sweeter apples. I used Fuji but Braeburn would work well too. Ingredients: The filling 6

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