Exercise is for everyone

I spent most of my twenties avoiding exercise. I only joined the university netball term (the third team) because it meant I got invited out to the sports night drinks, the biggest event of the week. I was training to be a doctor and paying lip service to the benefits of exercise but not actually listening.

Why I changed

It wasn’t until after having my second baby age 35 that I decided I needed to start exercising. I was 4 months postpartum and felt tired, unfit and anxious. I was crying at the drop of a hat and I felt like I was living in a brain fog with each day an exhausting cycle of life with two kids. I recognised that I needed to change something or I would develop postpartum depression. I needed to exercise and boost my endorphins. The problem was I didn’t know where to start.

Typical, I try to take a fitness posed pic and she comes and slaps my bum

I am not like the average cool fit girl you see on instagram with her shiny white trainers, 6 pack abs and perfect top knot. I never have been that girl and I never will be. Trust me I have tried. I used to think that exercise was this mystical thing for other people. It wasn’t for me, when I ran I felt like I was going to loose a lung and then collapse in a puddle of my own wee from my ruined pelvic floor. In my head I had rules about exercise. I told myself that exercise has to be done for an hour to count, exercise has to be done in a gym or with a personal trainer. I thought I needed to buy all the gear, the new trainers, the sports watch, the wireless earphones before I could even start.

What I learnt

Well here is what I learnt, I learnt that none of those things mater. Well if they do mater they only mater on instagram. What matters is that there is room in this exercise world for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you only have 10 minutes or spend hours. Whether you are wearing the latest nikes or your ten year old asics. The key thing is to find your thing and commit to it and then your thing whatever it is will start loving you back.

For me it was Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, I could do it for 30 minutes 3 times a week at home and I got results fast.

You can see my transformation here: http://www.fittermummy.com/health-fitness-journey/

But that type of exercise is not for everyone, maybe yours is zumba or country walks, or swimming. I want to tell you to stop listening to those exercise rules in your head. Exercise is for everyone and benefits everyone, your body will not stop thanking you I promise.

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