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Hi, my name is Ailsa, I am a 36 year old Mum of two who found a love of health and fitness after my second pregnancy. I lost some weight, I toned up and I learnt A LOT. During this journey, which is documented on my instagram account @dr.ailsa.white, I realised that much of what I was learning had relevance to my work life – I am a doctor training to be a cancer specialist.

I have been a doctor for 10 years, 7 of those treating and researching cancer. Nutrition is very poorly taught in medical school, it is only been by self education that I have come to realise that exercise and nutrition are some of the most under utilised tools in the fight against cancer.

To be clear I am still a firm advocate of conventional anti-cancer medicine like surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, I think as oncologist we are missing a big piece of the puzzle. I hope to explore some of the underlying cause of the cancer in the first place and thus aid cancer prevention. In addition I think it is clear that good nutrition and exercise have a role in optimising the human body to be able to withstand the conventional treatments. Lastly there is good evidence that nutrition and fitness have a role in survivorship and preventing cancer recurrence.

I want to use the combination of my medical knowledge and ability to analyse scientific papers to cut through some of the myths surrounding exercise and nutrition to give you some helpful facts and advice to guide your own journey.


Although I am a fully qualified doctor specialising in the treatment of cancer, I am not your doctor.  The advice given here is generic and I would like you to check with your cancer team prior to starting an exercise regime to be sure that it suits your individual circumstances.

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