Tips on fitting exercise and healthy eating into your busy life

Over the last couple of years I have found a few tricks that help me stick to my exercise plan and relatively healthy eating. If you follow my instastories you will know that I definitely don’t manage to fit in my exercise 100% of the time but I do think these tips make it far more likely I will hit my goals so I thought I would share.

  1. Exercise in the morning before you have time to wake up and think of excuses and then it is out of the way.
  2. Lay your exercise clothes out the night before to avoid fumbling in the dark and waking everyone up.
  3. Follow an exercise programme so that you don’t have to think. I follow Kayla Itsines BBG but there are a lot of exercise programmes out there.
  4. Increase your general daily activity levels by walking to the shops instead of driving, or getting off the bus to work two stops early for example.
  5. Find some time on Sunday to plan out the week ahead. I am much more likely to get my workouts in if they are mentally scheduled in my diary.
  6. Prep for the morning the evening before. Lay out breakfast, prep the kids bags and have your bag ready to go.
  7. Meal planing and batch cooking to take the stress out of supper. I tend to batch cook one meal that will serve as a base for a few meals in the week, for example a bolognese type sauce.
  8. If you are not into batch cooking what about trying theme meals e.g. meatless Monday, healthy taco Tuesday, Friday fish night. Having this preset makes the planning easier.
  9. Have healthy snacks readily available. For example,apple slices and peanut butter, greek yoghurt and berries, veggie sticks and humous and I always have a protein bar in my bag for emergencies.
  10. Have an early night so that you wake up refreshed and ready to go.

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